The architect

Lorí Crízel graduated in Architecture and Urbanism from the Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul in 1999, becoming the first and only architect in the Crízel family (up to the present moment!). As an undergraduate student, he realized he had a vocation to share knowledge, thus choosing to go after a master’s degree straight after graduating. And so he did. He holds a master’s in Environmental Comfort from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – UFRJ.


Since then, he signed projects on the Rio-São Paulo axis before leaving for Europe and Asia in search of worldwide references to add value to his professional performance. Returning to Brazil, he started his academic journey as a university and graduate professor, as well as investing in the opening of his office Crízel & Uren Arquitetos Associados. Due to his directionality towards other markets and operations, in 2019 he founded the Lorí Crízel + Partners office, where he develops projects in collaborative partnerships in the areas of Architecture, Interiors, Lighting, among others.


Lorí Crízel is the author of the book “Neuroarchitecture, Neurodesign and Neurolighting: Neuroarchitecture and the Einfühlung Theory as a proposition for projectual practices”| Member of the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture – ANFA | Author of work participating in the ANFA World Conference | Label designer: Neuroarchitecture, Neurodesign and Neurolighting | Coordinator of Immersion Trainings in practices of neuroarchitecture projects|Specialist in Neurosciences and Human Behavior from PUC/RS


Learn more about o Lori Crizel Lighting Designer e Professor.


International Experience

Throughout his professional career, Lorí Crízel has dedicated himself to conducting several immersion activities in prominent offices around the world in the offices of Norman Foster (London), Zaha Hadid (London), Christian de Portzamparc (Paris), BIG (Copenhagen), Effekt Architects (Copenhagen), Concrete Architects (Amsterdam), Aires Mateus (Lisbon), Hassell Studio (Singapore), AEDAS Architecture (Singapore), Architects 61 (Singapore), Design Link Architects (Singapore), Tandem Architects (Bangkok) , DBALP Jam Factory (Bangkok) and X Architects (Dubai) | Institutional activities with POLI.Design from the Polytechnic Institute of Milan (Italy), McGill University (Canada) and University of Porto (Portugal).













The office

After dedicating himself to the profitable partnership established for a long time in the Crízel & Uren Arquitetos Associados office, Lorí gave a new direction to his work in 2019, when he founded Lorí Crízel + Partners. This new setting has allowed him to develop projects in collaborative partnerships in the areas of Architecture, Interiors, Lighting, among others.

News on Architecture and Interiors

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